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A Rundown on the Potential Side Effects of Januvia

Januvia (sitagliptin) is an oral diabetes formulation generally indicated to help maintain or bring down blood sugar (glucose) levels in people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, according to medical journals.
One of the increasingly popular medications from the newer forms of diabetes drugs known as insulin mimetics, it generally encourages insulin production performed by the pancreas after food consumption by mimicking a naturally-occurring hormone in the body called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1).
Potential Side Effects

As all forms of treatment, Januvia may also bear its own distinct unwanted effects, according to medical experts. As with other medications or treatments, Januvia has also been reported to bring about a string of side effects, medical experts say. Here are some of the potential side effects that may arise from Januvia intake.

    Sore throat
    Stuffy or runny nose
    Swelling of hands and feet
    Muscle pain

Possible Deleterious Ties to Serious Pancreatic Problems

Since acquiring the clearance to enter the American consumer market in 2006, Januvia has reportedly become one of the most widely prescribed anti-diabetes drugs in the country, bringing $4 billion in sales for its manufacturer, second-largest US drug maker, Merck. But several researches with results linking the drug to serious complications deleterious to the pancreas, a digestive organ that plays a vital role in the production of insulin against diabetes, have also reportedly begun to emerge years after it has been released.

In an early study, which was published in the Gastroenterology journal, experts have reportedly found possible link between a sixfold increase in the reported cases of pancreatitis in Januvia patients, as well as those using Byetta, an injectable diabetes medication; and a 2.7-fold increase of reported pancreatic cancers in patients under Januvia therapy.

A current retrospective review by experts, who have had their findings featured in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, has also revealed study findings suggesting that patients on Januvia, and other similar diabetes drugs, may be twice as likely to develop acute pancreatitis – a serious disorder which describes the sudden and rapid inflammation of the pancreas, than those who are taking other forms of diabetes drugs.

The FDA Issues an Early Communication Concerning Safety Issues Tied to Januvia

The government agency has reportedly released an early communication in March expressing their intent to further conduct a review on unpublished findings that zero in on the potential adverse effects tied to Januvia and other similar anti-high glucose drugs, according to online media reports. While the US FDA recommends that patients continue using their medication as prescribed, some of them, particularly those who may have had a first-hand encounter with these alleged side effects have reportedly began seeking professional advice from a Januvia lawyer in possibly embarking on a legal course.



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